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Our Mission

Our Vision,Our Values,Our Ethos & Our Goals

We just absolutely love people! We know every single person is capable of amazing things, being happy,content and thriving in a way that is true to them.
But we also know most people have obstacles keeping them from achieving that - in too many cases those obstacles are quite literally access to things like a warm shower, hot meal, a welcome and non judgmental space or even just a hug and to be met with a warm smile. 

*Our Mission*

Using a creative approach to support the communities most vulnerable. Providing a welcoming safe space and resources to cultivate their version of a happy and successful life.

*Some Of The Ways We Plan To Do This*

Providing a selection of food & drinks to ensure no empty tummies.

Creating a welcome, friendly and inclusive environment.

Liaising closely with other provisions in the area to secure the support and advice you need.

Creating volunteer & eventually paid opportunities.

Running creative and skill nurturing workshops.

Engaging with everyone to see how and where they need us.

Creating & selling items to put profit back into community.

Providing vouchers to specific provisions to give directly to those who need it.

Provide the space for support groups to run their sessions.

Provide the space for small local businesses to grow their business.

Continuously training and learning for our staff in many areas to support as many people as possible.

Cultivate and provide a judgment free, inspiring and engaging hub for creatives & small businesses to network.

Creative Team Building sessions for local businesses.

Crafty workshops to reduce isolation & make new friends.

Using a creative approach to improve mental wellbeing and happiness.

Allowing our space to grow and flow with the communities needs.

#notjustacafe #watchthisspace

Love Kelly x

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