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Our Mission

Our Vision,Our Values,Our Ethos & Our Goals

We just absolutely love people! We know every single person is capable of amazing things, being happy,content and thriving.
But we also know most people have obstacles keeping them from achieving that - in too many cases those obstacles are quite literally access to things like a warm shower, hot meal, a welcome and non judgmental space or even just a hug and to be met with a warm smile. 

Our initial overall vision was to open a creative, co-working coffee shop to provide a safe, supportive and inspiring space for members of the community to learn & to nurture their skills and passions to earn an income & become self reliant, either by gaining employment or starting a business.

Which we hope will start helping break the cycle in many of the poorer families in West Cumbria and also work towards alleviating child poverty issues which are a huge problem in the area. We want to not just equip people with the tools to create their own future, we want them to feel safe and confident expressing their passions, for us to work on strengthening them. We want them to become aware of all the things they are capable of already, whilst helping remove stumbling blocks in their way and then filling in the gaps in their training/experience/knowledge - either via our own workshops or by working closely with other local companies/providers/small businesses.

Updated to say: Our wonderfully organic and creative business is growing and evolving in numerous directions and although our goals haven't changed, we have started to realise other demographics are coming in for our support and services.

Which we gratefully and happily provide.

Love Kelly x

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